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Convert Audio to CD or Digital
Your ancient audio tapes have got much life left in them.

Tapes decay over time, which means the quality of their recordings - and the memories they carry - might diminish.

Transferring audio cassettes to digital data rescues and retains those memories, but it isn’t a quick or easy job. In fact, it calls for a few particular tools and abilities.

We’re pleased to assist individuals to beat the technological trap of digital conversions and preserve their memories alive. With many hundreds of hours of audio conversions, your old cassettes are in safe hands.

We can transfer service both sides of your tapes to digital. Even the music tracks on your tape can be divided, enabling you to skip songs when listening to them. We can send you downloadable mp3 files when we convert audio to digital so you can import them for simple playback or share specific tracks.

In case you didn’t realise, all audio cassette tapes are the same size and shape, but there are a variety of different kinds of audio cassettes based on the way they were made.

Records / Vinyl
If you have any sort of record you want to convert to CD, MP3 or WAV, the most popular ones are the 45s and 33s. Each record is cleaned in a professional record-cleaning machine before playback.

Most vinyl records will fit onto one CD, and you can also share the downloadable mp3 files. Sound Restoration is also applied.

We can convert your MiniDisc records to CD or MP3 for playback on a stereo or MP3 player.

Accepted Formats
Vinyl LPs & Singles, Cassettes, MiniDisc

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