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Scan Slides & Photos to Digital
35mm slides and photos won’t last forever.
Family photo albums are a treasure of happy memories. When images age and deteriorate, it becomes harder and harder to preserve those memorable moments.

Let us transfer your photos to digital. Each photo is individually scanned into a digital JPEG file and transferred to share and enjoy. Additionally, when necessary, our guaranteed service includes enhanced colours.

And if you’ve got photographs stored on 35mm slides, we can scan them too at a higher DPI resolution. This is due to the fact that slides contain a substantial amount of visual data, which we can enlarge into much larger images.

We can also repair damaged or faded images, returning your photos to the original quality.

Your scanned images, negatives or slides will be processed and written onto a DVD,
Blu-Ray, CD or USB Stick. These can be played on a PC, DVD player, or another disc drive, among other things. You can put USB Sticks into your PC (or any other device with a USB port), and you can play, store, and copy your files.

Accepted Formats
Photos, 120mm Film strip, 126mm Film strip, 35mm

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